About the University

The American Heart University has several objectives:

  • Provide specific job-related and career-oriented programs that will result in the AHA workforce enhancing their knowledge and ability to make the most of their jobs. Becoming more productive, increasing revenue generation, improving volunteer management abilities, attracting and retaining top talent and providing skills in growing career opportunities and taking the lead in their future.
  • Provide a world-class, unified knowledge umbrella for the American Heart Association. A learning proposition that encompasses the best in focused learning, online technology, innovative facilitation/classroom programs, coaching, mentoring and student tracking not found in other organizations of our caliber.
  • Provide a means for all AHA staff to build and strengthen organizational capabilities, citizenship and competencies.
  • Provide a leadership campus that utilizes the best in class development tools to build skills, improve knowledge and develop strengths.
  • Provide AHA leadership the ability to guide employee learning plans.
  • Reduce expenditures of ineffective training not geared toward AHA priorities and strategies.
  • Respond to the growing changes in the AHA culture by weaving our values of integrity, excellence, vision, dedication, inclusiveness and sensitivity into the American Heart University brand, services and products.

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