Learning Catalog

The Heart U catalog provides an easy way to view over 1,000+ offerings delivered in a variety of ways to fit busy schedules. The interactive catalog below allows you to view and access offerings, descriptions and details to meet your learning needs. The catalog is updated regularly, so check back often. Contact us if you need help finding the right learning resource for you and your team.

Here’s how it works:

  • Type a specific topic or key word (e.g., diversity, communication, managing) into the search bar located to the right. The search automatically fills and results will start appearing as you type. After searching, if you’d like to search for a different topic or key word simply click the button located to the right of your search term to clear your search term and start again.
    This page displays 10 resources at a time. Use the navigation at the bottom right of the page to browse additional resources.

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Browse additional search results using the navigation to the right. To navigate to another page, select the page number to jump to that page, or use the arrow buttons. The single arrows advance one page at a time, forward or backward. The double arrow buttons located at the far corners of the navigation jump to the first and last page.
If there are more than 5 pages of results you will see a button with three dots. This button lists the next, or previous, set of 5 pages.